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The Ametis Agency has been working in the buying and selling of Real Estate since 1929, by the sea in the area of Imperia, the heart of the renowned “Riviera dei Fiori” in Liguria, in the nearby Costa Azzura (Côte d’Azur) and through earnest colleagues with whom we have established a solid relationship through the years, also in the rest of Italy.

We handle the Real Estate Consultancy and banking(through our partners), the buying and selling and rental of all types of property(except tourist rental), property management, all qualified by our 60 years of experience and by Real Estate appraisal (Registered Consultants and Realtor experts of the Chamber of Commerce).

Our area is not only a holiday destination, It is chosen more and more as a residential area also by foreign clients who appreciate the natural beauty, the pleasantness of the climate and the livability of the towns; moreover works have started on the continuation and linking of the Cycling Path “Parco Costiero della Riviera dei Fiori”   which runs along the seafront as far as Sanremo.

Today the agency avails of the assistance of indispensable collaborators who, together with my wife Patrizia, have created a close-knit, dynamic task force.

By tradition, my agency offers global consultation not only in assisting our clients right up to the signing of the property deal but also late on whenever the necessity occurs for a candid and weighty opinion.

For this reason, we can count among our clients those of the third generation who I thank because they always avail themselves of our consultation in Real Estate management which allows them to maintain a smart and profitable property.

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Guide to buying a house, taxes and concessions.

Download the house purchase guide drawn up by the Revenue Agency here

Guide - Buying a house: taxes and tax breaks - pdf
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